Nadia Giacomini


My art between reality and imagination

I live and work in Milan, but I was born and raised between Lake Garda and Boston in the U.S.

My language training soon translated into professional activities that led me to travel and work between Australia, Japan, England, and different European countries, thus stimulating my natural curiosity for different cultures and for a changing and multi shaped visual world. It is a kaleidoscope that feeds on blue Australian skies, the depths of Japanese indigo and the golden yellow of the Italian hills.

Having always loved art, I soon engaged in a long training path in private studios of well-known contemporary artists and attended for several years the Nude Art Classes of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. I then continued my education and art experimentation at the Department of Visual Arts of the Academy.

The imagery in my art fluctuates between reality and imagination, between marks and color patches, it draws on memory leading to improvisation where color and atmosphere are the real protagonists of an evocative process that involves the viewer.

When I am about to paint a new canvas or when I find myself in front of a blank sheet, a myriad of thoughts, emotions and suggestions pile up inside me and I try to organize them to express that original idea that emerged one day in an unexpected way, almost like a revelation

The idea, the cue, the inspiration is almost always born in a fortuitous way and is fixed in an undefined territory between the eyes and the mind where it remains, obsessively, until it can find a pictorial outlet

Constant is the need to discover

Often it is nature that inspires me, it can be a glimpse of the sky, the profile of a hill or the space between two shapes, but also just a movement, a combination of colors, a vibration.

Constant within me is the need to discover, to research, to deepen and expand techniques and knowledge because each work is just another step in the continuous search for oneself.